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Workshops and Classes

Liz offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year ranging from nutritional body cleanses to wild-crafting and herb-making to yoga and nutritional counseling.

The following list is a listing of the classes and workshops held in Santa Barbara, CA and Carpinteria, CA over the last 7 years.  Not all workshops are scheduled to be offered in the next 6 months, but if you see something you are interested in, please drop a line via the contact form at the bottom of this page and your interest and the possibility of your group could inspire a calendar date or a private session geared towards your family or community.

“Liz’s foraging workshop was not only informational but downright fun! Left me with a far greater understanding and appreciation for what I had previously been strolling by. It is a true gift to properly identify and forage for wild herbal plants as well as to be able to utilize their medicinal and nutritive properties.”
Tamara Thompson, MA Ed

Preschool Program Coordinator, Orfalea Family Children's Center, University of California at Santa Barbara

Cleanse Workshop

Instead of treating the branches, as western allopathic medicine often does, traditional systems treat the roots. This cleanse is based on traditional Ayurvedic cleansing techniques, designed to teach your body to metabolize fat for fuel, cleanse the heavy load of toxins from our modern lifestyles, improve mental clarity, strengthen digestion, and repair the intestinal track. The cleanse functions on all four levels of being; heart, mind, body, and spirit.


The Art of Abhyanga

Learn how to create your own herb infused oils specific to your dosha – your psychological and metabolic constitution – and engage in daily abhyanga – a traditional Ayurvedic self-massage.


Wild-crafting / Foraging Workshop

Seasonal workshops in the local foothills to identify medicinal and edible local plants and learn how to engage with them as foods and medicines through tincturing, salves, bath herbs, teas, and more.

Seeds of Power, Purification, Poetry, and Devotion

A day of reverence and devotion through the practice of mudra, mantra, poetry, and activism. We will begin by anchoring the space with a communally built altar to the seed. We will dive into devotion to the seed through Tattwa Shuddhi, a Tantric purification practice which includes bija (seed) mantras, and mudra to balance and regenerate the five elements within the individual, increase subtle awareness, and enter into communally created meditative space together. In the second half of our workshop, we will explore the power of seeds through the path of poetry and writing, drawing inspiration from the works of physicist, activist, and eco-feminist, Vandana Shiva and Chilean poet, performance artist, activist, Cecilia Vicuna.

Yoga Workshops available about Various Topics

Liz offers private yoga sessions at her residential studio in downtown Carpinteria, or in the comfort of your own home. Call today to arrange a personalized program for creating a home practice/ yoga therapy for recovery and remedial work/ or mantra mudra, and yantra devotional practices for meditation and personal sadhana. Holotropic (moving towards wholeness) practices presented in private or small group sessions.

Herbal First Aid Workshop

Learn how to create your own herbal first aid kit for family adventures and personal use.

Herbal Medicine Making Workshops

Various topics including how to make salves, tinctures, massage oils, liniment, and bath herbs

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