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Spring Synesthesia | Anahata Healing Arts Spring Synesthesia | Anahata Healing Arts

Anahata Healing Arts

Holistic Nutrition for Mind, Body, Spirit


Borage and Elderflower tincture just getting started


Borage tincture after a couple of weeks. Flower petals clear and the beautiful color transferred to the menstrum.


Mullein flower and garlic ear oil.


Lovely Calendula, ‘Marigold’, ‘Mary’s Gold’ flowers drying to be used for various salves and balms.



Sauerkraut just assembled and ready to be massaged and squeezed and then left to sit for a few days, developing all the lovely probiotic bacteria to help keep the gut healthy and strong, and oh my is it yummy!


Viriditas, the greening power of the earth, served up here in the form of a green soup, de-lish!

This is my first blog post, and by way of introduction, I thought I’d just include a few pics of some of what I’ve been up to so far this spring.

It has been so full and rich already, the early white Ceanothus blanketing the foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains here in Santa Barbara, then the blue Ceanothus quickly following suit. The songs of the cicada in the canyons, bullfrogs in the early evening, pink spires of Humminbird sage, birds everywhere with a twig in their mouth busily building nests, and, of course, the elder tree now in blossom, yarrow just starting to bud, sunflowers just below the window sill in our garden, and all the lush and deliciously beautiful and tasty food constantly available to us from our local organic farmers and our own backyards.

This blog is meant to be a celebration of all these things and more,of the beautiful synesthetic experience it is to be alive. In a time when so many of our community and culture feel alienated, disconnected, impotent, and even angry, I want to offer simple, easy paths back to what is available to each of us at all times, a deep connection to nature and a luscious experience of the beauty it is to be alive.

We have the opportunity, while our government is subsidizing big ag, Monsanto’s monster, and the degradation of our soil and seed, to personally subsidize what we value most; clean, delicious, healthy foods from farmers we know and trust. That is one of my missions, ┬áto reconnect people with the delight of growing, harvesting, and wildcrafting our own food, and supporting organic agriculture on small, diverse farms so that it continues to be available to us and our children into the future.

We can learn our local herbs and wild edibles and create our own Obama care, but way more enjoyable and affordable, replete with blossoms and beeswax and delicious tinctures and oils. We can become, as Daniel Vitalis says ‘Neoaboriginalis’ instead of following the path towards ‘HomoFragicalusToxicus’, which so many Americans eating the SAD (Standard American Diets) and living the overly domesticated lifestyle of the general population are suffering from. We can re-wild ourselves and redevelop the diversity of mind and body that has degenerated over the past few hundred years through industrialization.

We can recognize our wholeness and re-member ourselves from the ‘mind/body/spirit’ split of the western scientific-mechanistic-world-as-machine mind, through yoga, dance, meditation, massage, and sacred movement; re-valuing the feminine and the balance of partnership society models rather than patriarchal power-over models of the current regime.

This blog will be an opportunity to look more deeply at all these things and more. I look forward to learning and growing with you and to sharing the road hand in hand as we walk the beauty path together.

Jai ma!



Just for extra fun, here’s a spring poem to share;

Synesthesia Spring Symphony

of course

the creek


water clatter

over words



songs sweet canyon

wren reverse crescendo




click clack

rains down

sound &

scent of blue

from the ceanothus bough-er

constellations of green adoration

stellaria media

salvia spathacea sticky pinks spires

fondled lusciously

by my scent hungry fingers

& reaching each

towards the light


bright black whiteringed

eye eyed


from the tree


flick trick for balance

and visual





blue path of

green constellations






scent of

blue sound


creek clatter

wren’s ring

cicada chatter

stone’s songs

sweet trill


reverse crescendo

spring canyon



~Cold Springs Trail just before Spring Equinox