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Mullein and Garlic Ear Oil for cleansing the cervical lymph | Anahata Healing Arts Mullein and Garlic Ear Oil for cleansing the cervical lymph | Anahata Healing Arts

Anahata Healing Arts

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Summer Solstice has just passed, my family took a wonderful camping trip to Big Sur, and the mullein and yarrow in my garden are calling out to me to be harvested and made into medicine. The picture above is of a mullein plant that I originally bought from Tina Glaessner at Crimson Sage Nursery from her ‘insta garden’ at the NCWHS┬áseveral years back. It has even moved from the garden at our last house to the garden here and been with us for many years now. The bees have been buzzing every morning in the yellow blossoms and I have loved to see them so busy at their work. I will definitely share with them and be sure to leave some of the nectar and goodness of the summer sun for them and their honey! (there’s one buried in the blossom below, but he/she was very busy and hard to pin down for a pic)



Garlic mullein ear oil is very easy to make and extremely effective at clearing congestion from allergies or oncoming colds by lubricating, protecting, clearing, and disinfecting the eustachian tubes and cervical lymph. Both mullein and garlic are strong natural antibiotic and bactericides, so any little creatures wanting to make their home in congested sinuses will not be able to survive a confrontation with these powerful herbs, but unlike antibiotics available as pharmaceuticals, they do not have damaging side effects for the individuals gut and healthy intestinal flora, or persistent negative environmental impact. (For more information on the effects of pharmaceuticals on the environment, check out Stephen Harrod Buhner’s wonderful book The Lost Language of Plants and the Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth)

Here is the very easy way I make my family’s ear oil;


*Gather mullein flowers to fill a 1 quart mason jar (be sure to leave some for the bees and other pollinators!)

*take 4-5 garlic cloves and crush them with the skin on and add them to the jar

*cover the flowers and garlic with olive oil (the flowers will compress under the oil and end up taking up only about half their original space in the jar)

*place the jar in a sunny place for three days to one week depending on the weather and time of year (if it is less warm and sunny, leave out longer, etc)

*bring the jar in at night so it keeps its warmth

*after all the medicinal goodness of the flowers and garlic has been extracted into the oil, strain the oil through cheesecloth and then put the oil into small dark brown glass bottles with droppers and store in the refrigerator for up to a year. Don’t forget to label it with ingredients and date.



Now you have bottled the energy of the high summer sun to create health and wellness in your family, all for the cost of a bit of olive oil and a few cloves of garlic!

To use the oil, fill your dropper with oil and run it under warm water, place a few drops of oil in each ear and insert a bit of cotton for a few minutes to keep it in. You can give it to your children once a week in the winter to keep them healthy(or yourself), or use it every fifteen minutes for an hour and a half to clear congestion from allergies or oncoming cold symptoms.

If you don’t have a mullein plant in your garden right now and you would like to, you can go to Crimson Sage Nursery’s site and order one through the mail, or order dried flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can also usually find it at your local health food store if you don’t want to make your own, or you can check back to this site in a couple of weeks and I will have some available through my Baba Yaga Botanicals page.

May you and your family be healthy, and may your path to health also heal and reveal your connection with the earth. Om Shanti.



P.S. I want to add here an anecdotal story about success with garlic mullein ear oil. Recently I ran into a colleague I had not seen for a few weeks who was very excited to share with me her experience with the ear oil. She had been having allergies and I suggested ear oil as a natural way to support and clear her congestion. The oil was entirely effective for her and relieved her symptoms, and due to her success, she suggested it to her husband who developed regular ear infections from bacteria contracted during his surf sessions. He began using the oil and also experienced complete relief of symptoms. May you experience similar success!!