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Holistic Nutrition for Mind, Body, Spirit

Meditative Presence.
Deep Relaxation.

My approach with clients is to  help them arrive in their deepest state of relaxation possible so that their own internal heart and soul wisdom helps them to achieve the most profound state of vitality and wellness available to them in that moment and  in moments to come to give them a new set point to return to.

“When stimulated through therapeutic touch or massage, the skin releases a pharmacy of healing chemicals that have health promoting effects on the physiology. In addition to feeling good, regular massage and loving touch detoxifies the body’s tissues, increases circulation, calms the mind, and enhances immune function.”

Chopra Center

Therapeutic Massage


$80-100 per 60 minute session
$100-120 per 90 minute session

I address individual client’s needs on the table facilitating deep opening and release through compression, traction, tapotement, swedish massage techniques, deep tissue work, and intuitive responsiveness to each individual. My work is influenced heavily by Esalen style massage, with long integrating strokes, Thai massage and passive joint mobilization and energetic focus, and a combined experience of 20 years working with a great variety of ages and health situations in somatic healing.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage;

  • Helps athletes prepare for or heal from workouts
  • Increase circulation and decrease inflammation
  • Decrease stress and stress related hormone release
  • Promotes mental and physical rejuvenation as it fosters peace of mind and enhances and individual’s ability to think calmly and creatively
  • Support individuals undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from related surgeries for decreased stress, increased relaxation, and more restful sleep
  • and much much more!

Thai Yoga Therapy


$100-120 per 90 minute session
$120-140 per 120 minute session

Like ‘having yoga done to you’. Massage is given on the floor on an organic massage mat with client in loose yoga style clothing. Health and freedom comes from unhindered flow of vital energies throughout the body’s tissues. To achieve this, I press knuckles, feet, hands, thumbs, and fingers into specific points while holding the client in various stretches. This combined effort relieves areas of muscular stress and tension and increases energetic and physiological flow. Techniques involve stretching myofascial tissue, acupressure, compression of tissue, manipulation of soft tissue, passive stretching, and joint mobilization. There are said to be 72,000 lines, called ‘sen’ in Thai Therapy, and ‘nadis’ in the Ayurvedic and yogic tradition. Thai massage utilizes 10 main lines that are sufficient to treat the whole body and its internal organs. – This is a non-religious or spiritual perspective and practice. – When this energy flow is blocked or restricted, it creates sickness or disease. To clear these blockages, Thai massage Therapy combines the application of pressure with manipulation, adjustment and muscle stretching in a full-body works, which improves overall health and well-being. I have been blessed to study Thai Therapy with Saul David Raye and Michael Gibian. In addition to my Thai training and practice, I have over 20 years experience as a yoga instructor working with the physical and energetic systems through asana (poses) and pranayama (breath/energy work). I have a storehouse of wisdom and awareness and use it to help client’s reach their edge safely and effectively and move beyond it.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy;

  • Boosts immune function
  • Facilitates release of mental and emotional stress and blockage
  • Increases circulation and decreases inflammation
  • Improved body-mind-heart connection and coherence
  • Increased range of motion
  • Deep relaxation and centering
  • Increased mental clarity and ability to think creatively
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • and much much more!

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy


$80-100 per 60 minute session
$100-$120 per 90 minute session

The lymphatic system is the foundation of the immune system, and therefore of supreme importance in the health of the individual.I  work with clients for maintenance and detox needs, as well as recovery from surgery and injury. Lymphatic massage includes subtle massage of the entire lymph system, as well as energy balancing to facilitate flow and relaxation. Many people enter a state of dreamlike relaxation during the treatment.

Our lymphatic system is twice as large as our circulatory system and functions to cleanse the body of toxins and maintain a healthy immune system. When lymphatic flow is compromised, due to surgery, toxic conditions, lack of exercise, dehydration, etc., the congestion of the lymph can lead to chronic inflammation. In addition to providing professional lymphatic drainage therapy, I help to educate individuals on simple, safe, effective, and easy home treatments to support continued lymphatic health.

I have trained extensively in this modality with Daya Fisch of the Breast Health Project and Tano Lucero, TCM doctor and creator of Lucero Lymphatic Therapy.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

  • Relief from edema, lymphedema
  • Pre/post surgery pain relief
  • Relief from headaches and chronic pain
  • Detoxification and increased immune function
  • Relief from symptms of chronic fatigue, fybromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • and yes, much much more!

Experience and Specialization

I have been practicing as a professional massage therapist for 11+ years now and continue to be blessed to love what I do. One of the many gifts of massage is that while I am giving, I enter into the same state of meditative presence that I am facilitating in my clients. So while I give, I receive!

In addition to addressing physical issues such as inflammation, arthritis, chronic fatigue, pain, I focus on the energetic systems of the body as well. In the yogic tradition energy is called prana. In TCM, it is known as ‘qi’ or ‘chi’. Many, if not all traditions have elaborate and well described understandings of the energetic subtle body in addition to the ‘gross’ and visually obvious physical body. In Thai massage, I work with the ‘sen’ lines, facilitating opening and flow throughout the entire system. In Lymphatic massage, I balance the movement of the lymph fluid with releasing energetic blocks and facilitating flow on multiple levels of being. On the table I am always responding with a sensitive touch to a person’s entire being, with deep awareness of the energetic body as well as the physical body.

Personal Philosophy and Approach

My philosophy is based in part on a quote I once read from one of my favorite eco-feminist writer and activist, Vandana Shiva. Shiva writes that ‘All living systems are self organizing.‘ How can this be a philosophy for massage? My approach with clients is to  help them arrive in their deepest state of relaxation possible so that their own internal heart and soul wisdom helps them to achieve the most profound state of vitality and wellness available to them in that moment and  in moments to come to give them a new set point to return to.

I love what I do and you will too. Come see me sometime soon and we’ll enter a world of healing meditation together. Call to arrange your appointment today at my downtown Carpinteria studio at 550 Maple Ave Suite E with the folks at Carpinteria Wellness Center. The Studio is just blocks from the world’s safest beach and all the delights that Carpinteria has to offer, like the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, the Carpinteria Bluffs, and the downtown restaurants and shopping.


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