Anahata Healing Arts

Holistic Nutrition for Mind, Body, Spirit

Integrative Holistic Health Counseling

Holotropic and Heart based therapies
to nourish your Being  on all levels

Recalibrate Your Life For:

  • more energy
  • a long and healthy life, filled with vibrancy, beauty, and joy
  • learn how to feed yourself and your family nourishing, delicious, beautiful whole foods without making yourself crazy in the process
  • heal from food allergies through elimination and cleansing and come into a renewed place of balance and equanimity
  • feel alive, ensouled, and connected to the dance of the universe in part by awareness of your connection to all things through food
  • feel more excited about and connected to yourself through integrating movement and breath
  • learn how to work with destructive emotions, weeding out those that no longer serve the serenity of your inner garden, and instead planting new seeds of thinking and being that bloom in profusion and crowd out the pervasive ‘weeds’ that don’t belong
  • heal depression, anxiety, and body image issues through whole foods nutrition, herbalism, yoga, pranayama, and mental nutrition and hygiene

6 Month Transformation Program

Personalized for each individual client to help them clear toxic buildup, create healthy dinacharyas, or daily rhythms, and learn skills for maintaining vital nutrition for mind, body, and spirit, within the fast paced fullness of modern life. I meet with clients twice a month for six months to set goals, provide guidance, education, and skills to help individuals listen to their own inner wisdom and guidance for achieving vitality and wellness for themselves and their families.

I especially enjoy working with women and mothers, being in both categories myself and understanding what it takes to work in the market economy, be present for my family, prepare healthy whole foods meals, and keep myself in balance at the same time. It is a serious juggling act and I find joy and magic in the process of implementing rhythms and rituals that help to carry us through our days with excitement and clarity about the path we are on.

3 Month Re-Boot Program

Available to folks who have completed a six month program and would like to go more deeply into information we have covered in our program or desire further support in implementing information shared during the Transformation program.

Three month programs are also available to folks who have completed a private or group cleanse with me and would like to build on the momentum created through the cleansing process with further support and guidance. As with the six month programs, we meet twice a month for three months to set a healthy rhythm for deepening the positive aspects of our work in the prior programs.

Guided Cleansing Program

I offer guided cleansing in the Spring and Autumn in a group workshop format, as well as offer private guidance on cleansing to individuals who cannot attend the group workshops or prefer private support. My cleanses are based on traditional Ayurvedic cleansing methods which understand ama, or toxic buildup, to be at the root of all chronic illness and imbalance.

Cleansing is a wonderful way to step out of our daily habits for a short time to gain perspective and sensitivity to the effects of our habitual actions, while giving our bodies a supported break to clear toxic buildup, re-set blood sugar, and heal imbalances within the gut. Proper digestion and elimination are the foundations of health within the body and mind. We need to be able to feed ourselves healthy thoughts as well as healthy foods and know how to process and ‘digest’ both physical nutrition as well as mental nutrition, so that we remain fluid, dynamic, vital, and truly alive.

“A nonviolent agriculture must become the core of our search for peace.”

~Vandana Shiva,