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Spring Cleanse Workshop 2020

March 8th & 15th | Sundays 10am – 1pm


March 8th & 15th
Sundays 10am-1pm


Carpinteria Yoga Center
550 Maple  (downstairs)



“I did the Spring Cleanse with Liz and was amazed at not only how nourished I felt while doing the cleanse but how much lighter I felt afterwards both physically and energetically. Unlike some cleanses that require dramatic fasts or to take other extreme measures, this cleanse supported instead of shocking my system. This holistic approach gently balances your entire being by using nourishing foods, herbs, and self care techniques to rejuvenate the body. I have to admit, at first it felt a little daunting, but with the support from the group along with Liz’s gentle guidance you feel yourself let go of your inhibitions and ease into this beautiful flow of self nurturance. I’m committed to seasonally repeat this cleanse in the fall and again in the spring and am talking it up to my friends and family wanting to share the benefits of well being with my loved ones.”
Tamara Thompson, MA Ed

Preschool Program Coordinator, Orfalea Family Children's Center, University of California at Santa Barbara

Questions About the Upcoming Cleanse?

Physical Well Being

In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, digestion and diet are understood to be the foundation of our physical well being. These systems truly follow the path of ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. The majority of our immune system, in gut associated lymphatic tissues, or GALT, lies in our intestines. When our ‘drains’, our intestines, get backed up and congested with toxins, it shows up in every other system of our bodies. By clearing the drains, so to speak, through gentle and intelligent cleansing, the foundation of our immune system and healthy functioning on all levels is supported.

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Instead of treating the branches, as western allopathic medicine often does, traditional systems treat the roots. This cleanse is based on traditional Ayurvedic cleansing techniques, designed to teach your body to metabolize fat for fuel, cleanse the heavy load of toxins from our modern lifestyles, improve mental clarity, strengthen digestion, and repair the intestinal track. The cleanse functions on all four levels of being; heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Cleanse While Maintaining Your Lifestyle

This cleanse is not a fast and you will not be hungry. The beauty of this cleanse is that you can do it while going about your daily life (because, though we might like to, we can’t always leave everything; kids, work, spouses, for two weeks to relax in some tropical environment while we’re doing our cleansing).

This is an automatic upload, while you work; cleaner digestion, regulated blood sugar, educating your body to metabolize fat for fuel and release excess weight, reparation of the intestinal track for reduced bloating and food sensitivities, better sleep, the list goes on. Although we do the cleanse in the midst of our daily lives, we look to different ways to support relaxation, slowing down, and re-evaluation of our typical daily habits, in observation of  what we feed our bodies as well as what we feed our minds. We will look to restorative yoga poses, meditation and mindfulness practices, and pranayama, or the building of power through conscious manipulation of the breath, to help us drop more deeply into the cleanse on many levels while receiving greater benefit.

Cleanse Details and Diet

The cleanse will begin with a demonstration on cooking digestive kitchari, a combination of rice, mung beans, and spices. Kitchari is a simple, inexpensive, and easy to digest food and potent blood purifier. Mung beans are used in TCM to strip environmental toxins, which is especially helpful for reproductive organs, liver, and thyroid health. In addition, you will learn to make a cilantro chutney that is incredibly delicious, and while tasting delightful also works to clear heavy metals from the body.

You will receive a guidebook at the first class with recipes for the cleanse and information on self care techniques to increase the benefits of the cleanse, as well as time to talk in a supportive, non-judgemental group atmosphere with others, sharing insights and benefiting from others’ experiences. You will have time to prepare and shop before the cleanse begins, as well as information on how to enter into and transition out of the cleanse. You will be given suggestions and options for optimizing and specializing the cleanse for your specific needs.

We will meet again one more day during the cleanse to share with one another and receive support and ask questions. You will have unlimited email access to me during the cleanse as well. We will have four days to prepare for the cleanse after our first meeting, four to five days of the kitchari mono-diet with an optional one day fast, then four days to transition off the cleanse and back to whatever elements of your regular diet you would like to continue. Once you do the cleanse, you will have everything you need to repeat the cleanse yourself twice a year ad infinitum. In addition, research has shown that the benefits of cleansing last well beyond the cleanse period, so your investment at this time continues paying off for months, and even years to come.

Questions About the Upcoming Cleanse?

Massage Discount for More Effective Cleanse

If you would like to increase the benefits of the cleanse (and your enjoyment curve), you can also schedule therapeutic or lymphatic massage times with me throughout the duration of the cleanse at a discounted rate of $60.00 per 1 hour session (that’s 40% off regular price).

Everyone registered for the cleanse will be entered in a drawing to receive a basket of luxurious self care items (a $50+ value) from Baba Yaga Botanicals to help support your cleanse and to enjoy in the months to come, including adaptogenic herbal tinctures and herb infused abhyanga (self massage) oil.

Best of health and happiness to you!