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Passionate Musings

    Above is a picture of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly, also known as a passion butterfly, feeding on the nectar from the passion flower vine in my back yard, as well as pollinating this beautiful plant. The passion vine, passiflora incarnata, is the...

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Saving Seeds

  (be sure to click on some of these lovely photos to enlarge & see some of the detail and magic of the symposium)  Well, my daughter Heron and I are home from our adventure to the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium. It was our third time attending...

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Spring Synesthesia

Borage and Elderflower tincture just getting started Borage tincture after a couple of weeks. Flower petals clear and the beautiful color transferred to the menstrum. Mullein flower and garlic ear oil. Lovely Calendula, 'Marigold', 'Mary's Gold' flowers drying to be...

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